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“Women in Conflict Zones” Book Presentation

On Saturday April 13th 2019, at 4:00pm, NeMe Arts Center will host a presentation of Anna Prodromou’s book “Women in Conflict Zones – A Collection of Interviews of Cypriot Women” which showcases a collection of interviews featuring Cypriot women from different backgrounds and cultures. The book attempts to shed light on women’s oral histories that uncover the ways in which women navigate through conflict. The book breaks the convention of what is commonly understood as conflict; conflict is seen as any situation in which the rights of women are being challenged or violated. These situations are unfortunately not only restricted to circumstances of war or conflict, but they extend, without exception, into all sectors of society.

The book will be introduced by Costa Constanti, Political Analyst, and Nicoletta Christodoulou, Associate Professor in Curriculum Studies and Instruction.

The presentations will be in Greek.

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