Hazal Yolga | BIO

Hazal Yolga is a researcher for the Cypriot Community Media Research Programme of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and a Project Coordinator at the Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC). As part of her role at CCMC, she manages funded projects focusing on media and human rights, the latest being “Unspoken: Creating Dialogue on LGBTI Rights in the Turkish Cypriot Community”. 

Hazal Yolga has collaborated on several video art installations and holds a masters degree in Communication, Culture, and Technology from Georgetown University.

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Nikoletta Christodoulou | BIO

Nikoletta (Niki) Christodoulou is Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction in the Department of Advanced Studies and Innovation, College of Education, Augusta University, Georgia, USA. She has recently returned to Cyprus to join the faculty of Education and Social Sciences at Frederick University. She holds a PhD in Education with a focus on Curriculum Studies and Instruction from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Chicago, Illinois, USA; a Master’s in Education from UIC with a focus on Instructional Leadership; and a Bachelor’s in Pre-Primary Education from the University of Cyprus.

Besides Cyprus, her home country, she has also lived in the United States of America, and in Saudi Arabia and the United Arabic Emirates for several years. She was the Coordinator of the Cyprus Oral History and Living Memory Project at Frederick Research Center, Nicosia, Cyprus, and she worked with teachers for the implementation of oral history in schools. Currently, she is the Coordinator of The Central Savannah River Area Education Oral History Project. She has collaborated with universities in the USA, Europe, and India to help improve the quality and standards of teaching and introduce teaching, educational, and curricular innovations. Her publication record includes articles in peer-reviewed, educational research journals, book chapters, and books, including her Greek book titled Understanding Curriculum: A Field of Study and Research.

Her academic interests include curriculum studies, curriculum theory, democratic teaching and learning, teacher education and pedagogy, teaching and curricular innovations, teacher and student learning experiences, politics of education, narrative inquiry, (auto)ethnography and (auto)biographical research, qualitative research, oral history research and oral history education.

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Magda Zenon | BIO

Magda Zenon has been a peace and human rights activist ever since she can remember and brings with her a perspective formed within the contexts of living in three countries: South Africa, Greece, and now Cyprus, where she moved to in 2000.

Since moving to Cyprus she has continued to be an active member of civil society within the peace and women’s rights movement with a focus on gender violence and women‘s participation and the integration of the gender perspective in the peace process and contributing to a culture of peace.  She is a founding and active member of Hands Across the Divide, the first island wide women’s organisation; of the Cyprus Women’s Lobby, that represents the Republic of Cyprus at the European Women’s Lobby and of the Gender Advisory Team, an ad hoc group of women that came together and developed specific proposals with a gender perspective on subjects such as citizenship and property that were passed on and discussed with the negotiators. A follow-up to these was the Pathways towards Sustainable Peace: Building UNSCRes 1325 into the Cyprus Context’ conference held in November 2016.

Finally, Magda is a great believer in the power of story-telling and to this end has hosted a radio programme called ‘kaleid’HER’scope’ on MYCYRadio, an Internet based community radio for over 4 years. ‘Kaleid’HER’scope’ is a forum for women’s voice that perhaps might not have access to the traditional media and she has had conversations about peacebuilding, gender based violence, sexual and reproductive rights, trafficking and women’s participation in decision-making.

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Faika Deniz Pasha | BIO

Faika Deniz Pasha works as a project coordinator / legal advisor for a local NGO, Refugee Rights Association in the northern part of the island. In 2012 she has authored a mapping report in relation to human rights of women, which has been published by Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation.

She also participates in Queer Cyprus Association, an LGBTI rights organization, based in northern part of Cyprus; Platform for Women Held Captive by Force, based in Diyarbakır, Turkey, working for women from Yazidi and other ethnic and/or religious groups enslaved by ISIS in Iraq and Syria as well as Kyrenia Initiative, a grassroots movement opposing neoliberal reconstruction of the city and defending the right to city.

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