Male Birth Control Trial Ends, Because It Was Giving Men Mood Swings


A new research from the University of Edinburgh suggesting that men might also be able to effectively take hormonal birth control, meaning women wouldn’t solely have to suffer that burden,  was stopped because men were experiencing side effects. Similar side effects that many women using hormonal contraception currently experience.  Scientists state, according to an article on NPR, that they will keep trying but  they're decades away from coming up with something for men. Highly, highly disappointing!

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The draining impact of invisible emotional labour

The exhausting "job" of household manager! The person who notices problems, delegates solutions, and has to ask in a singsong voice to get anyone to comply. The one who notices when things need to be done, and when options are limited either complete these tasks or delegate them out to others. Are you the household manager? Read The draining impact of "invisible" emotional labour!

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Susana Pavlou | Bio

Susana Elisa Pavlou holds a BA in Political Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and an MSc in International Politics with an area concentration in the Middle East from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London University. Susana is currently Director at the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS). Susana has extensive experience in the coordination and management of projects, in gender equality training and education, and in gender research and analysis, with particular expertise on issues of gender and social policy, and violence against women. Susana is a Member of the Advisory Committee for the Prevention and Combating of Family Violence, National Expert for the European Network of Experts in Gender Equality, and Expert at the EWL Observatory on Violence against Women. She is serving a third term as Board Member of the European Women’s Lobby and is a member of the Executive Committee.

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Yes, it's a tampon!

Yes, it's 2019 and we're still struggling to talk openly about issues such as periods which are a natural process experienced by half the world’s population. Let's not forget as well the stigma and in some parts of the world the myths that are even more restrictive on the lives of women and girls. Let’s talk about periods. Women should be proud of them, not ashamed in The Guardian unfortunately strikes a nerve. We have to understand that the fact that people don’t talk about their periods is having a huge impact on women and girls around the world. Let's do something about it; start talking!





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