It's time to stop saying 'unsolicited dick pics.' Here's why.

"When language is used that minimises an act it can have significant impacts including people not taking victim/survivors seriously, certain behaviours being excused as 'not a big deal,' and consequently people may find sexual consent difficult to navigate in practice as non-consensual behaviours become minimised and normalised through language".


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A woman's greatest enemy? A lack of time to herself.

‘Women’s time has been interrupted and fragmented throughout history.’ Illustration: Mikyung Lee/The Guardian

"Unlike the male artists, who moved through life as if unfettered time to themselves were a birthright, the days and life trajectories of [...] female artists were often limited by the expectations and duties of home and care." An interesting read by Brigid Schulte in the Guardian.

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Just a reminder #WomensEqualityDay

On #WomensEqualityDay don't use words for women like 'empower' and 'celebrate'. Use words like 'hire', 'promote', 'pay', 'raise', 'bonus', 'invest', 'fund', 'enrich' - and DO IT. Leaders, ask for that employee pay spreadsheet, find the women on it, raise their pay to the same as that of the men doing the same job. It's as simple as that!

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Women aren’t better multitaskers, turns out they just do more work

Multitasking has traditionally been perceived as a woman’s domain. A woman, particularly one with children, will routinely be juggling a job and running a household – in itself a frantic mix of kids’ lunch boxes, housework, and organising appointments and social arrangements.

But a new study, published today in PLOS One, shows women are actually no better at multitasking than men. READ MORE HERE

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Women helping women is good business.

“As a new entrepreneur bringing something new to the table in soft skills development, having a strong female support network has been essential. Supporting other women is as essential to me as air and water… it’s a reciprocal relationship (stronger in some than others) that has nurtured me and help me to manifest some of my biggest ideas.” Kate Katz,  All Hands Workshop owner. Read the article on Yahoo! Finance HERE

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