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“Harmless flower to entertain man’s eyes”. Really?

A sex-dolls-brothel opened recently in Italy. It’s called Lumidoll. Some argue that this is harmless because these are not human beings but plastic dolls. Moreover, they argue, these dolls might be the solution for lonely men to improve their sexual relationship with women. It only takes a few seconds to look at the pictures of these dolls to realize that nothing could be further from the truth. Also reading how they are being promoted is really really frustrating: “Ready for anything, any time.”; “Never has a headache.”; “Innocent face of an angel. Realise all your fantasies.”; “Harmless flower to entertain man’s eyes”. Really? Let’s look at these dolls! They are degrading and humiliating to women and they are very disturbing to watch. That is exactly why we need to keep reposting this pics as a reminder of what are the “standards” and “fantasies” and our “obligations” as women according to some (unfortunately a lot) people: creatures, without vulvas, holes with legs and distorted bodies, and easy to be switched off if we don’t obey!

See it yourself:…