Petros Karadjias

Petros Karadjias worked for the “Women in Conflict Zones” Initiative producing the portraits of 19 Cypriot Women.

He is a renowned Cypriot photographer working as a photojournalist for the Associated Press since 2003. Born in Cyprus in 1975 he is passionate about photography and worked closely with his father who is a photographer himself before moving to Athens in 1995 where he studied photography at Leica Academy.

After his studies he worked as a freelancer photographer for several magazines. He also worked for Prisma photo agency and the Athens News Agency (ANA). During that time he covered domestic and international news and travelled throughout Greece and abroad.

Petros Karadjias has covered numerous news stories such as the Lebanon crisis, the Israeli Palestinians conflicts in West Bank and Gaza Strip, the Tsunami disaster in Sri Lanka in 2004 as well as major news stories in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey.


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