Women In Conflict Zones

WICZ Initiative focuses directly on the issue of women’s rights and civic participation. The aim is to raise awareness of women’s often unrecognized civic contribution and to promote women activists whose strive towards transparency, justice and peace.

When women have opportunities to improve their lives, everyone benefits. When women earn an income and control what they do with it, their children are more likely to finish school, their families eat better, they stay healthy and the entire community thrives.

CALL FOR women participants

8 JANUARY 2018
WICZ | Women in Conflict Zones Initiative welcomes proposals FROM MEN recommending women participants to be featured on the WICZ platform.

We invite men to reflect upon women’s stories, experiences, struggles and achievements and send us a video (30 sec to 1 min) by March 8, 2018 recommending women whose stories matters to them.